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10pm EST

For: Mental Health Professionals, Interns and Students

Treatment planning documentation is an essential connection between the client, the services you provide, and reimbursement. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the focus for most of our training, yet it sets the course for the services we provide. Professionals who do not rely on treatment plans may be at risk for fraud, abuse, poor treatment outcomes and they could potentially cause harm to their clients.

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This Course :

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    Bridges the gap with what you already know about plans of care, while offering directions and structure for creating an audit level treatment plan
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    Separates goals and objectives
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    Provides client scenarios and examples to apply to your practice setting
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    Demonstrates how to consolidate objectives and bring focus and clarity to your plan
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    Will improve clinical writing skills and compliance
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    Provides a checklist to double check your work
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    Is to the point and doesn’t take all day 

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The goal is to have you walk away with practical tools, clear direction and structure for capturing the real therapeutic relationship on paper.

Host: Amanda Fludd, LCSW-R

A Clinical Social Worker and supervisor with over 10 years of experience with state level audits in facilities as well as outpatient clinics and private practice settings. Her expertise in collaboration with your experience will raise the bar on necessary clinical documentation skills.

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