Make Up Your Mind and Shift

most women die not ever scratching the surface of their potential

Don't Let This Be You

This is THE Signature Course ALL ON MINDSET!

It's not enough for women to set goals and make plans. If we don't make mindset shifts, our plans and goals will never be attainable. The difference between desiring and actually having everything we want out of life, has everything to do with our mindset!

It's as simple as that!

Feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or just ready to live your life on a higher level? You've come to the right place, because I help women just like you get results!

What You Get?

This course will take you through three powerful shifts over the next three months (because I’m with you for the long haul).

 As a therapist (for over 14 years) I’m like a crime scene detective putting together the pieces of people’s lives to figure out the problem and move to solutions. What I started noticing after working with hundreds of women was the same challenges in these key areas.

Women weren’t in careers that were meaningful, were burnout taking care of other people, was doing just enough at work, at home, with family, with their side hustle, but overwhelmed and unhappy. They were feeling out of control, and ultimately unable to work, lead and grow the way that they wanted. It became clear to me that they needed to make the shift in these areas. Each month we will take on each area and then double back to close the gaps with Part II of The Shift. In between there will live calls, lots of support from your new tribe and all the accountability you need.

Mental Shift

A Healthy Mindset

  • Auto Pilot, Thinking Traps and Letting Go of Negative Thoughts
  • Challenge, Reframe and Upgrade your Narrative
  • Getting Over Overwhelm

Passion, Purpose and Procrastination

  • A Plan and Purpose
  • Perfectionism & Procrastination
  • Self-Sabotage

Career Shift

Finding Balance and Drawing a Line in the Sand

  • Building Boundries
  • Embracing No
  • Money, Your new best friend

Imposter Syndrome

  • Hidden Strengths
  • Communicate to Get What You Want
  • Becoming the Fearless Influencer

Emotional Shift


  • Manage Your Emotions to Your Advantage
  • Gratitude: The Gateway Drug
  • Mindfulness and Black Space

The Final Reset

  • Remember to Surrender
  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Food, Mood & Kick Ass Energy
  • Keep it Going

The Details:

Each week, for 3 months you will receive:

  • 1
    Weekly access to presentation style videos and customized worksheets to teach you mindset lessons and shift to ACTION.
  • 2
    Access to live monthly group coaching sessions (6 sessions) to face your accountability tribe, learn from the experiences of driven women and gain innovative perspectives and support. Recordings in case you missed it. Coaching Sessions held the 3rd Thursday of each Month at 7:00PM
  • 3
    Lifetime access to recordings available in case you missed it.
  • 4
    Weekly accountability and connection through our Facebook Group: Through the Ceiling.

Through these Powerful Shifts in key areas, I am going to teach you how to break through what's been holding you back, find the clarity to pinpoint EXACTLY where it is you most struggle with, what it is that you want, and provide you with the tools to do the work to change your life.


With love and respect, quit waiting and click register! Course Opens 10.02.21

How many books, courses, and/or strategists have you already spent money on without getting the results you’d hoped? If your mindset is holding you back, then spending money on anything else is a waste.

Change your mindset, Change your Life

Your Investment:

Course Value $8176.00

Limited Offer $1500.00 
Installment Plans Available: 3 monthly payments of $500 

I know you want to and are probably talking yourself out of investing in yourself, BUT what if for once you just said YES to YOU? Where could your life and business be?


Amanda Fludd, your Mindset Coach!

I’m Amanda Fludd and I want to help you find your inner magic and play bigger. I’m a trained Psychotherapist turned Business Mindset and Personal Development Coach to help intelligent, creative and driven women like YOU get out of insecurities, fears and limiting beliefs that are getting in YOUR way of having massive success in your life.

My mission is to pour into you with enough skills, validations and support  to calm your inner critic, trust your talents and recognize that you’re worthy of the influence and impact you dream of.

With a professional nudge, accountability, and a little bit of laughter (and maybe a few tears) you will leave with a deeper understanding of what you want and why it matters, strategies for dealing with life’s challenges, and the confidence to make important, lasting changes.


What happens after I register?

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I’ve enjoyed working with Mrs. Fludd and the way she provides information just makes change do able. It’s so much material, but you never get overwhelmed, its more like you hit the jackpot. I’m leaving more confident and more relaxed than when I started".

Tatiana S.


 This was great! Amanda truly has a gift for getting to know you and getting at all the "stuff" that gets in the way of how we as women show up on a daily basis. I came here to show up better for my business, but because of each coaching session, with tangible actions, I can now show up better for myself. I just loved the community and learning, and wouldn't change a thing." 

Nurse Jackie


Everything was amazing and I’m so glad you are adding the accountability group! I wish more women had this type of experience. We take for granted how much of our success is connected to how we think and respond to not just what is happening now, but the stories of our past. This was just the right amount of work to give me the clarity and confidence I need to continue building my business and myself"

Danielle S. The Professor


“I didn’t realize how much I needed to work on myself! This has been a great way to work at my own pace and I’m learning so much from the course, with the live coaching calls an amazing experience. The handouts are beautifully crafted, the pace is just right and I’m glad to be here. I see things differently now and I’m constantly using the skills like reframing to check my thoughts. I still need a lot of practice, but I get it and I need this for myself and my business goals.”

Amber, Course Participant

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