Mindful Me

A Coping Skills Group for Children

This group is designed for children ages 8 to 11 who struggle with managing and expressing their emotions.

Our little humans come with big emotions and while we do our best as parents to teach them how to listen, do what is right and behave, sometimes what we know and try just doesn’t seem to be enough.

If you’ve noticed your growing creative, leader, performer, and little super star has any of these experiences, it’s time to start building coping supports for your child:

  • Intense worries or fears that get in the way of simple tasks like homework, hanging out with friends or getting to school
  • Mini melt downs (ok epic ones)when they don’t do something well or experience disappointment
  • They hold on to what’s bothering them or it takes a while to calm down
  • The school is calling more often with concerns about anger (hitting peers, walking out of class, arguing) or the opposite-they seem more tearful and withdrawn
  • You can tell something is wrong, but they respond with “nothing”, stare into space or just can’t find the words to tell you
  • You are worried about the impact of recent life changes: A new school, parent’s separation, death or loss in the family, etc.
  • They have started to harm themselves

Not knowing what to do or how to help as a parent can be amazingly scary, but emotions are manageable when our little humans become more aware of what is going on in their minds and bodies. That is where Mindful Me comes in.

Help your child go from feeling overwhelmed and out of control to calm and connected.

The group teaches kids to:

  • Identify and talk about their feelings
  • Learn how to check in with their bodies and notice what is coming up before it comes out
  • Practice coping skills for big feelings and experiences
  • Connect and communicate with peers
  • Feel good about themselves
Group Begins :

Saturday March 7th from 3PM to 4PM

Meets :

March 7th, 14th, 21st& 28th

Location :

41a West Merrick Rd, Suite 2 & 4, Valley Stream NY 11580

Fee :

Most Insurances Accepted or $30 Per Session

Complete the interest form to get next steps, Sign up here to get connected:

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