Uncover how to convert your skills to a profitable digital product idea and add passive income to your online business.

Challenge runs from August 23rd to August 25th.

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You can leverage your degree and turn your expertise into a profitable business and I'm here to help you do it.

Join me for this free 3-day challenge and I’ll help you plan and profit from digital products.

Here's What To Expect:

Day 1

Identify your skill and expertise that can be used to develop your unique money making idea. Decide your next digital product.

Day 2

Dismantle the mindset issues that stop you from owning your expertise and dominating the online space.

Day 3

Action and Implementation Day! Strategies to plan, launch and sell your digital product.

What You'll Get?


Each day, I'll show up live with a quick 30 minute lesson. Replays will be shared if you can't make it live (but it's much more fun live)!


Participants get a downloadable workbook to track their work. Each day, I'll challenge you to take one action step towards your goal. 


My team and I will give you feedback on your idea and get your questions answered.

Meet Your Host 👇

Hello! I’m Amanda Fludd, and I’m a Psychotherapist turned Entrepreneur & Online Business Mentor, and I can’t wait to be your business bestie!

Like you, I started my practice because I wanted to reach more people, connect to my purpose, and create more flexibility and opportunities in my life.

I quickly learned 1:1 services like therapy or coaching programs are amazing, but time-consuming and it's why I recommend having multiple income streams, one of which is 100% passive.

As a service professional no one teaches you how to market, find your niche, and serve. After years leaning into the business side of helping, creating workshops, building FB groups, starting a group practice and selling thousands of dollars worth of digital products online, I've got a lot to share with you.

You can find me at amandafludd.com,  or at IG @amanda.fludd.

Ready to stop being the product and create products?

It's time to create your digital product and add passive income to your biz!