The Shift Course: Full Payment


It’s not enough for women to set goals and make plans. If we don’t make mindset shifts, our plans and goals will never be attainable. The difference between desiring and actually having everything we want out of life, and thriving in business, has everything to do with our mindset!

It’s as simple as that!

Join the course and lets do the work. You are worth the investment. 


We are going to take calculated and inspired steps together to work toward making your goals a reality.

This covers the course in full. 

Each week, for six months (because change takes time), you will receive:

  1. A video or customized training on the weekly topic
  2. A worksheet to help you process the material and get to work
  3. Weekly accountability group through Facebook
  4. Access to live monthly group coaching sessions (6 sessions) to face your accountability tribe, learn from the experiences of driven women and gain innovative perspectives and support.
  5. And because you paid in full a 1:1 Coaching Session to:
    • Get clear on your goals as an entrepreneur
    • Identify what’s getting in the way and where you need support
    • Develop a plan of action to implement new patterns of thinking for MASSIVE change in your life + business


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