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The Profitable Performance Academy


When do we start?
The 4 week program begins: 6/24/2021

When do we start?
The 4 week program begins: 6/24/2021

Number of spots this round:


The self-doubt and stress you feel inside can be stifling. In just 4 weeks of coaching in the academy you will get the learning, accountability, and support you need to begin to calm your inner critic, trust your skills and fiercely live to your full potential.

2 reviews for The Profitable Performance Academy

  1. Sandra Jordan (verified owner)

    This was one of the best trainings I have attended. Amanda Fludd is very knowledgeable on the subject of coaching and self development. I have learned many valuable tools.

  2. Kele Antoine

    OMG! This was indeed a well organised and beneficial program. Initially I was so consumed with life that I considered not attending, but thankfully I still showed up & was happy that I did! The level of support & encouragement was priceless. The material has helped me identify & overcome challenges. This statement rang true & has remained with me “Small steps everyday adds up to big things!”

    • AMANDA FLUDD (verified owner)

      Was such a blessing to work with you and so glad it was a push on your road to BIG things. Keep going Kele!!

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