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Words Have Power Tee



Words have power and can change the trajectory of your life. It moves us, inspires us to action, can bring comfort, at times pain, as well as encouragement. We absorb words like vitamin D on our sun kissed skin. Have you thought about what you said to yourself today? What positive or negative beliefs have you spoken over yourself or into the life of someone else?

This shirt is a reminder of just how powerful you are!

Limited Sizes: 2M, 2L, 2XL

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1 review for Words Have Power Tee

  1. Gabrielle Crichlow

    Love the new Therapy Is Dope shirt. Keep coming up with them. It’s a definite reminder that therapy is important especially in our community. I love the work of the practice and this message, THERAPY IS DOPE! Whenever I see that, I know it’s you and support it 100%

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