The Profitable Performance Academy

A 4 Week Step by Step Group Coaching & Accountability Program for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The most neglected piece of your business plan is your most important asset, YOU.

Is this YOU:
Struggling with decisions, lacking confidence, putting things off, stressed, overwhelmed, stuck on the details or ALL OF THE ABOVE?

“Why can’t I stop these stupid thoughts?”
“Why do I keep getting in my own @!$%ing way?!”
“I’m smarter than this, why can’t I change?”
“I should be able to figure this out on my own.”

“I’m not getting anything done”

“I’m not sure what’s next”

“I can’t do this”

Sounds familiar?

Otherwise known as: Imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, comparisonitis, procrastination and perfectionism.

You’ve made it this far in life thanks to your ambition and resilience my friend,
but that doesn’t seem to be enough this time.

Stop pushing through, beating yourself up, or talking yourself in circles

There's a better way.


  • 1
    Take positive steps for your business to feel on fire again
  • 2
    Spot unconscious thought patterns and behaviors that sabotage your goals
  • 3
    No longer allow fear to hold you back from being visible and saying ‘yes’ to scary (exciting!) opportunities
  • 4
    Learn practical tools rooted in proven scientific principles to own your time and consistently execute your intentions
  • 5
    Have greater vision, focus, and clarity within your business

To create a successful business, it is not only about what you do (technical execution), it is also about how you think (Mindset). Group coaching is a powerful way to boost your productivity under the guidance of a coach, dope therapist and serial entrepreneur (that’s me!)

What’s Inside the Academy? 

  • Week 1
  • WEEK 2
  • Week 3
  • WEEK 4

Game Changer. How to Win

Define and leverage failure to generate unwavering inner confidence.
+cheat sheet take action 

Who is this program for?

The professional woman, entrepreneurs or high achiever

  • The professional woman, entrepreneurs or high achiever.
  • Anyone who is READY to dive deep and “do the work”, to create the clarity and ease, and develop business strategies that work.
  • Women who work well in groups, who are willing to give as much as they get, and be vulnerable, honest, and supportive.

The Profitable Performance Academy

This program was created for YOU:

  • 4 Weekly Teaching Topics with Interactive Worksheets 
  • 2 Live one hour Group Coaching Calls for accountability and consistent ACTION
  • Private Community of likeminded women
  • Targeted support to get you out of your comfort zone and into success 

End the overwhelm, show up in your full potential and increase your revenue


Investment: $197
Never, EVER, EVER, doing that cost again…and it’s a onetime fee,  no takebacks, no discounts, no payment plans.

When do we start?
The 4 week program begins: 6/5/2021

Ugh! I missed the start... 
 The beauty of the program is you can go at your pace and have access to the material for life.  If you want real time accountability aim to start when the course launches. 

Number of openings for the next round:

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41a West Merrick Road Valley 

Stream, NY 11580

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