Achieve Your Greatest, Truest Self with Mindset Coaching

Wanting more out of life is natural. Achieving that is extraordinary — and has everything to do with your mindset.

What exactly is Mindset Coaching?

Hey! I'm Amanda Fludd, a Mindset Coach for brilliant women who are ready to get out of their heads, let go of their fears, and reach extraordinary goals. A pleasure to meet you.

Mindset is all about how you think

(AKA: that thing that affects every damn thing you do or DON'T do).  

And when your mindset isn't aligned with what you actually want from life you end up feeling like. . .

  • There is something bigger or more significant that you are meant to do with your life. . . yet you can’t seem to find the confidence to take that leap.
  • The imposter in the room, even though you have been successful in your career. . .yet constantly second guess yourself and don’t feel qualified.
  • You can't stop overanalyzing long enough to take action 

Sound familiar? Then Mindset Coaching is probably for you.  

The good news is, you don’t have to wait for the fear to be gone to go after your dreams.

. . .and you don’t have to spend any more money on another course, or book (that, let's be honest, you're not even going to read). 

Honestly. . . the answers to your problems can’t be found in the latest blog, the next chapter of the book or an email from that guru. . .

the answer is just getting out of your own damn way.

(Easier said than done. I know)

That is what mindset work is all about!

 YOU and your thinking and getting out of your head and in to action. Coaching focuses on self-work and strategies to dismantle the limiting beliefs patterns and stories that fuel the fear and keep you from success.

How is a mindset coach different from a therapist?

I love being able to serve my clients on both ends, but therapy focuses on a core problem that negatively impacts your life, while coaching focuses on where you want to be next with metrics and results.  For some, coaching is a good step down from therapy.

Coaching helps you turn your issue into action with the added benefits of working with an experienced thearpist backing your success. As a Business Mindset Coach I primarily support professional women and new or emerging entrepreneurs in online spaces.

Maybe you're right on the edge of taking a leap in your business or career, but you don't even know where to start. . .

Perhaps you already have a successful business but are paralyzed by the amount of ideas in your head and if you can handle success. . . 

Or you just doubt whether you're really good enough to be where you are and own your success.

 I'm here for it all!

Are You Ready To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?

If you are tired of doubting yourself, feeling unworthy, or holding "it" together for everyone else, YOU ARE READY! 

If you're a driven woman who wants to live up to her own expectations and define success herself, YOU ARE READY!

If you know its time to trust yourself and calm that inner critic that's always trying to stop you, YOU ARE READY!



When dope, amazing, ambitious (but sometimes scared) women decide to get the support they need in their business (or in the business of life), there is a relief trigger that's released.

I see it in your excitement, your energy, and it translates into doing and seeing results.

The decision to invest in yourself is the catalyst that is

powerful beyond measure.  

When you decide you are ready to go all in and you are committed to your growth, abundance happens.  


The ambitious woman whose brain is always spinning with ideas, wants to take her life, business or career to the next level, but can't get out of her head, overthinks, and really isn't sure where to start, or how to reach her audience. 

The career-driven woman who wants to be promoted, but imposter syndrome is constantly showing up. You struggle to find your voice and are tired of being the only ___ in the room. . .or the one who hates her job and wants to build her own ladder (see ambitious woman). 

The everyday woman who knows they were meant for more, but struggle with insecurities, fear, her sense of purpose, letting others down and finding her courageous, authentic self. 

The Good News...

You’ve made it this far in life thanks to your smarts, creativity and resilience, and recognize
you’re ready for change.  

You are ready to dig deeper than you ever have before and you've finally found a skill professional to help you get there. 

Here’s what I want you to know

You’re not alone

I’m super driven, a therapist, coach, mom, oh yea. . .and a woman just like you-- I've got a lot on my plate and find that even after years of doing what I do it's still easy to get overwhelmed and stuck, but I've got tools and support to navigate that, do you? 

What is the cost of not understanding how you work or having the skills to navigate that?

What is your self-doubt, fears, and limiting beliefs costing you?

Coaching helps reset your mindset and opens the door to a new perspective, action and opportunity.

Together, we will:

  • Discover and address thought patterns and beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals
  • Quiet the external and internal noise to get a clear picture of what YOU want for YOUR life 
  • No longer allow fear to hold you back from being visible, saying ‘yes’ to scary (exciting!) opportunities
  • Help you own yourself and let go of the constant need for external permission and validation. No more comparing yourself to others, getting in your own way or wanting to quit.
  • Get you excited about your purpose and possibilities
  • Help you fall in love with your purpose all over again. We’ll get you back to that excited place where you jump out of bed each morning ready for action.
  • Make more money. If you want a profitable business that gives you the freedom you want out of life, you have to know how to level up your vision. We can explore creative ways to do that without the overwhelm.  

Ready to gain Emotional Freedom + momentum in your Life & Business?

Coaching Approaches Designed for You 

Make Up Your Mind + Shift

If you know mindset is your kryptonite and you are frustrated by your progress, this is the intensive experience for you. Dive deeper into what is holding you back, get access to monthly workshops, individual coaching, weekly transformational topics with workbooks to guide you on your personal journey. Its all you need to keep you motivated and maintain key shifts in your life, career or business.

Our foundational signature coaching package is a 3 month intensive that includes more accountability, community and checkpoints to help you work with clarity and focus and master concepts on your way to your most authentic and powerful self. 

Elite Coaching

Elite coaching is a 1:1 option for anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious and prefer to work in a close capacity. This 60 minute option is best to further your personal or professional development. 

Individually we can tackle hard goals, explore emotional road blocks like self sabotage, trauma, anxiety and stress, improve your sense of self and help you stay motivated. Open to men & women.

 Let’s collaborate and develop an action plan.

$225 per session

Bloom Where You Are Planted 

The most neglected piece of your plan is your most important asset, YOU. 

Stop procrastinating, beating yourself up, or talking yourself in circles. There is a better way.

Gain the tools to spot self sabotage, change unhelpful thoughts, take action and build confidence in any area of your life with this self paced course. 

4 Week Course includes: Worksheets & Video Instruction emailed weekly, with E-Access to your coach for the duration of the course. Lifetime access.


Not sure what you need? Let’s chat.

Meet Your Coach

“My mission is to empower women of color to go after their dreams by helping them break down the walls and fears that have been holding them back from greatness through lovingly challenging them to step into the best version of themselves”


So proud of you that you made it this far. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help and I want you know as a therapist and coach for over 15 years you are in good freaking hands! I love seeing women thrive, especially women of color, and I am committed to your success. There is honestly no other way forward to your highest self and fullest potential without doing the internal work. With a solid mindset as your foundation, you can build anything you want.

I’m no stranger to extraordinary dreams and working through doubt and fear to reach a goal. In just the last three years I’ve successfully established a six figure private practice, coached hundreds of women around their limiting beliefs, completed the New York City Marathon, and took on an adjunct teaching position with a private university ALL while raising two children under 10 and holding down a full time job.

The secret? I thought I could and I invested in myself and hung out with people that pushed me further. All of that I bring to the table with my coaching approach, as I work with you towards building a business that excites you as we unlock your potential.

I look forward to being a part of your team.


"What has been the most helpful is that I was forced to focus on issues, thoughts, emotions and traps that I ignored/neglected for some time due to just adjusting to our new way of living life. My experience with you was a blessing, and the exposure to your platform was appreciated. Your spirit is very kind and supportive. I’ve made a few changes and it feels great and I would work with you in the future"

- Nikki Worthy, full time life and building her side hustle (Signature Course Participant)

"Talk about right on time. I've heard Amanda speak and her energy and ideas is what drew me in. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Reset Course but it was the jump start I needed to get a handle on the things I was putting off in my business, and to just get excited about building my business again. She is absolutely right, you can't build your business without this kind of mindset work and it's a good foundation to stay on track, not just in business, but in your personal life as well. I took a hard look at myself and walked away with so many tools. I'm claiming full responsibility for my life and the success of my business. Looking forward to deep diving into the signature course and working closely with her".

- Shelly F.C, (Mindset Reset)

"I didn't realize I needed therapy! No, this has really been great. There was so much depth to it, and it held me accountable. I enjoyed the weekly modules and the group accountability and feedback. The coaching calls just wrapped it up all together nicely. I didn't realize how much I would benefit from the group set up, it was powerful hearing other women's stories, and supporting them as I developed my own business ideas. It woke me up to my dreams and gave me a sense of what I needed to do, (something I now realize was avoidance). I am more confident in my skills, talents and assets and ready to make my mark. Thank you for being committed to me, checking on me and giving me the tools to keep doing the work personally and to set up my company. I received way more than I expected. You really need to raise your price".

- Johanna, (Signature Course Participant)

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