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Achieve Your Greatest, Truest Self with Mindset Coaching

Wanting more out of life is natural. Achieving that is extraordinary — and has everything to do with your mindset.

Our Mission 

The goal of this practice is to provide skilled and reasonable mental health services for teens, young adults, professionals and groups. We want you to gain the necessary skills and support needed to resolve issues and develop outstanding mental health. Whether you need assistance with depression, anxiety, trauma, relating to others, the stress of everyday life or supporting your staff within your organization, we strive to provide you with care that is collaborative, culturally sensitive and responsive to your needs with the highest regard for confidentiality.

In addition to working on problems like depression or general anxiety, many people use therapy to:

• Get to know themselves better
• Set and achieve personal or professional goals
• Get in touch with emotions, learn how to express emotions, or learn how to manage emotions
• Better understand how your past is affecting your present.

Currently, in response to Covid-19 we are providing both virtual and in office therapy sessions, workshops and consultation sessions. We are prepared to support you through this crisis and its unexpected stressors.

Different Ways to Work with Us


Are struggling emotionally or having difficulty with certain experiences, decisions or behaviors? There is nothing like sitting down one on one with a skilled and caring professional. While the benefits of therapy may vary from person to person, our team works collaboratively with you to get to core issues and develop the skills needed to heal and thrive.

Mindset Coaching

So you have a business (or idea) and feel stuck, overwhelmed or exhausted from your own success? Then mindset coaching is for you. Let's work together to shift your mindset from “what if” to “when I…”while reducing overwhelm, smashing procrastination, and taking action towards your entrepreneurial goals.

Education and Corporate Consultation

Training and consultation to support mental health awareness in professional settings like schools, hospitals, Corporate settings and similar organizations.

A Practice Who Understands Your Situation

We look forward to partnering with you to do the work necessary for progress. We are not a sit down and chit chat practice. We are a practice comprised of diverse specialists in Trauma, Marriage and Family, Group Work, Children & Adolescents as well as Adults, and we only work with clients who are ready to do the work required in therapy. Our goal is to bring the highest caliber of expertise to our community and to date, we have.

  • Learn to handle problems or stress, even if they aren't dramatically altering your life
  • Gain perspectives on yourself and other people too
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs, patterns, and hurtful stories
  • Identify and overcome fears and improve communication, confidence and your ability to cope

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My emotions are emotional! But since working with Mrs. Fludd it hasn't been so bad

Thomas, Teen

I'm so glad I found out about Amanda and decided to invest in myself. It's been a lot of work, but I see the changes. If you aren't ready to work, don't bother calling. You have to want this as much as she wants it for you.

Kendra P, Workshop Participant

Therapy has been a safe place for me to take a closer look at myself and make some long overdue changes. I've worked with Mrs. Fludd in prior workshops and have worked with her team and its just been a welcoming and positive experience. I'm grateful for this practice.

Ms. M, Local School District