The Art of The Treatment Plan: A Clinical Documentation Training


Learn how to write clear and effective goals and objectives that balance both the clients needs and clinical treatment as you create the GPS of treatment, the treatment plan. With this core foundation you will understand the golden thread of treatment, changes in how we write goals,  an easy approach to translate that into objectives, how to integrate interventions and so much.  This is a foundational training that any one who writes or reviews treatment plans should have.


Every client needs a treatment plan, but doesn’t mean you know how to write one that is an effective guide for treatment. If you are a Psychotherapist, Counselor or similar provider who hasn’t had a comprehensive training on how to develop and write a treatment plan, this training is for you!

This on demand training reflects best practices in writing treatment plan goals and objectives and the latest documentation trends for audit friendly charts across various settings like clinics, hospitals and private practice.

On Demand Replay: $54.95

Includes: Training with relevant questions answered, Presentation Handouts, Sample treatment plans, Checklist for Supervisors and more.

Participant Reactions Post Training:

“This training was very helpful; comprehensive coverage in one hour of instruction. It really helped me rethink my practices, more collaboration with clients in developing goals and objectives and measuring when we’ve reached those goals. Thank you!”

“You can be clinical and keep it simple”

“Be specific about interventions”

“I’m taking every training with you, this was great”.




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