Outside the Box

Let’s create the next level of your business.

This Vision Board Experience offers a creative, inspiring, and action oriented practice to help create clear intentions and focused goals for those interested in expanding their business to dope levels, while staying on top of action steps and maintaining momentum throughout 2018.

Outside the Box: A Vision Board Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Contemplate. Plan. Act.


6P TO 8:30P

2 E Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY 11580

Visionaries get:

  • Pre-planning worksheet to get you geared up for event
  • Access to Business Visionary Challenges to further develop your goals
  • Accountability and community on that date and for an entire year
  • Access to a bad ass Afro-Caribbean Therapist to smash mental road blocks
  • Networking opportunity (create those business cards!)
  • Quarterly follow up with Visionary Group

Not to mention: Free giveaways!

Supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite magazine to share with the group. Space is limited, so grab a friend and don’t hesitate to sign up.

This event is for any stage of business. From a thought, to start ups, to businesses in full swing. Even if you are a therapist in Private Practice or working a side hustle, YOU ARE in business.

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