Affiliate Disclosure

It’s good to be in the know:

This site also includes relevant affiliate links all of which we do our best to clearly mark as such on blog-related pages and it NEVER results in any additional cost to you.

How do we choose products and what does that mean to be an affiliate?

Well, it means when I come across a product or service and I like it, or I think may be useful to you, and they have an affiliate program, I sign up for it. That allows me to hook you up with discounts or other site deals. When I mention that product or service in one of my blog posts, I link to it using my affiliate link. Should you end up buying something as a result of one of those links, I may get a little sumpin’ sumpin’. 

The affiliate money we earn helps support the work of the team to keep this site running as a resource for the latest insights, tips, and strategies for our readers – thanks for your support!

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