Health Coaching

A Healthy Outside Starts from a Healthy Inside.

The Dope Coach Series combines integrative interventions in mental health and fitness with an online community of people on a similar fitness journey to help you refresh your inner boss, revamp your diet and hectic lifestyle from the convenience of home.

Designed for all levels, we identify your goals & connect you to tools (workouts, mindset strategies, and nutrition education) to break down both mental and physical barriers to help shift your body to better overall health. Having a healthy body can increase your ability to cope with the stress of trauma and every day life. Any unmanaged stress stores in the body and can contribute to problems like insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, eating disorders and other long-term health issues like diabetes.

Change starts with you.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who knows they need to make a change but are not sure where to start.

  • Anyone who has started a fitness program, but has fallen off.
  • Anyone struggling with fatigue, focus, stress, depression and/or anxiety.
  • Anyone who wants to maintain or advance their current fitness level.


Depending on your fitness goals we will find the right program for you- Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Piyo, Strength Training, etc. Made available to you streaming all year from the convenience of your TV, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. Walking and Running is often incorporated into plans depending on the location of clients, and tailored to the needs of clients. As an athlete, a marathoner in training and psychotherapist, I’m committed to seeing you start from the couch and cross the finish.



Revamp your diet with downloadable nutrition plans, learn to manage your portions, learn new recipes and meal prep skills as part of the well-rounded plan if needed. Vegan options available.



To get you started you will have 3 months of complimentary coaching by yours truly! This includes weekly check-ins, live contact (if feasible), alongside a tribe of like-minded people encouraging you, incentives and giveaways.
The time commitment is UP TO YOU! But it should match your specific goals which we can work on together. Plan of actions is what I do all day long as a licensed therapist. Programs are designed to match your busy lifestyle ranging from under 30 minutes to about 60 minutes a session.
Why choose me as your coach? I understand the importance of a balanced body and the role of the mind in that process. Whatever you think manifests in your body, and what shows up in your body impacts the function of your mind. When you learn to embrace the two it equates to a healthier lifestyle. I know it's not always easy, and understand the struggles of being overweight and trying to achieve fitness goals that seem just out of your reach and failing at it over and over again. I also know the power of a team and someone to cheer you on to the end, and I want that for you. I want to be that for you. It's your process. You are grown or close to it, and if your health is important to you I'll hear from you soon.



This approach is not for everyone, but its certainly worth a try. It is a unique experience for people who don’t just want to sit on the couch, know their “stuff” is essentially "stuck" in their body, want to just do and feel better and do so with convenience and skilled support. Fees range from $140 - $180/Year (yes, for the year).

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